Monday, May 6, 2013

31 Days to An Organized Summer: The List

I can't believe it is already May! Illinois had a weird Spring -- it was late arriving and tempetatures have been below normal with a lot of rain and flash flood warnings. To say summer is sneaking up on me is an understatement. Beings that I am a stay at home mom this year, I am determined to make this summer the best yet. I have a lot of water play, crafts, indoor and outdoor activities and of course, field trips, planned for this summer. I am spending the next three weeks (only 15 days!!) preparing for summer. I want to be able to pull out any craft at any moment, to be able to pick up and go to the pool in ten minutes -- not an hour it usually takes me to gather our stuff! Therefore, I made a list of 31 Days to an Organized Summer. I'm leaving his first full week of summer (which is the last week of May) up in the air -- no plans for now, we will see where it takes us. He can be lazy all day or play outside all day - his choice!

In the meantime, here is our list for 31 Days to an Organized Summer:

1. Decide and sign up for summer camps. (Luckily a private school in the area offers great weekly themed summer camps for two hours a day at an affordable price! He will be doing several of those, along with some classes at the YMCA and a campout at the Zoo)
2. Make a summer bucket list. (to display somewhere in the home where we can always see it)
3. Make a daily routine schedule. (Although we may not follow it to a tee, I'd love to have a schedule of themed days and what we should be doing one hour to the next.)
4. Organize outdoor toys. (The bubbles, kites, sidewalk chalk, balls, helmets...all need to be easily accessed and easily put away!)
5. Organize the toy room. (We are currently getting rid of some toys he is no longer interested in and need a better system to store those we are keeping.)
6. Finish the swing set. (We started this project a year ago. I would at least like the slide & swings to be in working order by June 1.)
7. Make bags for: BBQ, Bonfire, Picnic, Pool, Etc. (I'm thinking handled totes I can easily grab & head to our destination)
8. Make a summer caddy with sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, etc. (and find a place to store it...near the new cubby system, perhaps?)
9. Create a snack system. (A drawer that they can easily access with pre portioned, healthy snacks)
10. Plan end of the year gifts for school. (This includes both the teachers and students in his class.)
11. Make a "Welcome to Summer" banner and basket. (There are all kind of ideas out there to welcome your kids to summer. I plan on putting several into action this year.)
12. Host a P.O.O.L. Party {Party On Our Lawn Party} This one is still optional. With Lucy's birthday so close, I'm not sure I can pull off another party this quickly)
13. Create a shopping list for summer supplies. (I've been leafing through  my Pinterest boards and magazines for ideas for crafts and games. I want to have the necessities to do them on hand)
14. Create craft storage/caddy for the kids. (I want an easy and safe system for them to have access to the craft supplies any time creativity hits, or when Mom needs a few minutes to herself)
15. Make a countdown to summer. (Only fifteen more school days!!)
16. Spring clean the house & tie up loose ends. (There are a lot of random "need to do this" thoughts in my head -- hoping to finish those items and clear the head for summer.)
17. Plan weekend getaways. (Hoping to venture to Branson & Chicago this summer, along with a weekend camping trip to Jellystone Resort.)
18. Plan field trips. (Although I want to be able to get up and go, I do need to plan in advance for places like Cardinal Baseball Games, Raging Rivers, Six Flags, etc. for ticket and babysitter reasons.)
19. Come up with a chore system and allowance. (Rhyse at home all day = more mess. It also is more expensive for those trips to get a sno cone & ice cream. I'm hoping to change our current system just a little to get the most out of chores and allowance this summer.)
20. Organize closets for "play" and "good clothes." (Summer play = dirty play. I need to be sure that both kids, and Daddy, know which clothes are for which purpose, so we aren't ruining any good clothes.)
21. Make summer house goals & budget. (There are a lot of things we'd like to do around the house this summer, unfortunately, the budget does not allow for them all to be done. I'd like to sit down with the hubby and organize our thoughts and numbers as to what will actually happen.)
22. Redo command center & control journal for summer. (Right now, these are both full of school schedules and calendars. We need to switch all these out to summer camps and pool schedules.)
23. Redo bill binder. (It will no doubt be an expensive summer, given all the field trips, summer camps, and supplies for at home activities. I also want to revamp our bill binder so I spend less time paying bills and more time playing with the kids.)
24. Make a summer binder of ideas from magazine tear outs. (I am a magazine hoarder. I'm trying to combine all my tear outs into a binder so Rhyse can pick an activity, game, or craft he wants to do from the binder.)
25. Organize tball stuff & get new gear. (We need to organize our uniforms, bat bag, positions, baskets for games, opening day treats, etc. Rhyse also needs new cleats & a new helmet.)
26. Get Rhyse's computer ready. (We just purchased him an older model desktop computer. It needs cleaned up and updated. Along with blocking inappropriate content, I would like to bookmark some safe sites that he can play on and browse.
27. Create a reading challenge. (I'm not sure if I am wanting to do minutes reading or locations to read, but some sort of checklist worksheet to complete over the summer to keep up on his reading skills.)
28. Make busy bags and create storage for them. (Most of these will be geared towards my toddler. She can play with a busy bag while I work with my son on money skills, telling time, writing and reading.)

I'm leaving the last three open, as I am confident more ideas will come to me while preparing for others. I've already started crossing off several items on the list and will share each one with you each day. I'm so excited for summer and ready for sunshine & flip flops!! {just not a swimsuit}

Happy Sunday!!

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