Monday, August 13, 2012

Back To School Checklist

I can't believe summer is almost over! School starts August 20th for us, so we are on our last week of "official" summer. We are still trying to squeeze in last minute fun -- including a trip to the water park, a picnic, a "water" day at daycare & a camp out in the backyard. There is also planning to be done to be prepared for next week. Rhyse will be going to Kindergarten, so school will be much longer and involved this year than in the past. I'm wanting to make as smooth as a transition as possible, along with keeping our family sane and organized. Here's my "Back to School" Checklist to get the family ready for school.

To Do:
  • Schedule hair cut.  Check!  He already got it cut and looks as sharp as ever.
  • Gather physical/exams for registration. Check!
  • Schedule a shopping day. We had a fabulous day spoiling Rhyse with a full day of shopping.
  • Label & pack school supplies.
  • Schedule lunch making in planner. I set an alarm on my phone and wrote it in my planner  for every Sunday afternoon. This will allow me time to decide if he is hot/cold lunch and make a trip to the store, if needed.
To Make:
  • Teacher's Gift: Clipboard
  • Countdown to first day
  • 1st Day of School cake
  • Kit for Rhyse's backpack:
    • wet wipes, band aids, insurance card
  • Place mats for breakfast/dinner
  • Backpack tag
  • Clothing labels. I made hanger tags for his clothes, so we can pick outfits out on Sundays. Hopefully this will be a time saver in the morning.
To Buy:
  • Backpack. He actually found a Tony Hawk one that he loves!
  • Lunchbox. Purchased the lunch box to accompany our lunchbox containers.
  • Lunchbox containers. Purchased 4 containers off of No more baggies!!!
  • Kleenex
  • School Shoes. He actually got two, due to the BOGO sale and his awful taste on the first pair.
  • Jeans. Got to love Old Navy's $10 jean sale!!!
  • 1st day of school shirt
To Organize:
  • Homework Caddy
  • Schedule for days of week
  • School memorabilia tote
  • Morning/evening routine
  • Family message center
  • Update family calender
  • Update family binder
  • Carve out a spot for school papers
  • Create a spot in fridge/pantry for lunch supplies
To Print:
  • Lunch Ideas
  • School Printable: lunch money/notes
  • Lunchbox notes
  • Kindergarten sign for pictures
  • Get to know you/get to know me tags
  • How was your day printable
  • Lunch menu planner
  • Write letter to Rhyse on first day
  • Back to school fairy: Outfit/book
1st Day Pictures:
  • Photo checklist
  • Chalkboard:
    • When I grow up
    • Write name
  • Printable "K" sign
  • Speech bubble
  • Kindergarten with sidewalk chalk
  • List of favorites
Whew!! That's a list to keep me busy for awhile. Luckily, I already have a good chunk of it in progress, or accomplish. I will post all the projects as I go!


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