Monday, April 2, 2012

Goodbye, March...

March was a crazy, busy month. I think I may have expected too much out of myself and made my to-do list a little large for being someone with two children and a husband to tend to, a house to clean, a full-time job to work, a tee ball team to coach and a youth group to sponsor. I have completed nearly everything on the monthly list, but I am exhausted. April's list is going to be a lot shorter and less stressful. Here's what my March To Do List ended up looking like at the end of the month:

  • Set my goals for the month. (check, hence this list)
  • Check my monthly tickler folder. There was actually nothing in it, aside from monthly checklists.
  • Create a Spring Cleaning checklist. (I'm not going to actually start cleaning until April). Check. I will Spring Clean April 1-15th, doing one room per day.
  • File my taxes. FINALLY filed. Now just waiting for my return! :)
  • De clutter my spring decor. I used two baskets and some plastic eggs for an event and put some other Easter baskets in a donation pile.
  • Do a March Photo Challenge. I wasn't always timely, and I sometimes rushed to snap a photo just to have one, but all in all, it was kinda fun! I made it to March 23rd.
  • March "Ways to Play" sheet with kids. Unfortunately, not much of this got done. We did take a trip to the Zoo, attended a play date, a friends' birthday party, and lots of time riding the four-wheeler. I'm going to be better about this in April!
  • Buy gifts for Dad's birthday & Mom/Dad's Anniversary. My mom & I went in and bought my dad a $200 Marine boat battery. Not the most exciting gift to purchase, but something he wanted and wouldn't buy himself.
  • Make a card for Aunt Amy's birthday. I actually just pulled a pre-made one out of my stash and personalized it with her monogram.
  • Get outfits for kids photo sessions - Rock N Roll theme. I stressed about this one and didn't need to. The photographer had plenty of outfits on hand! Can't wait to get the CD and see all the photos :)
  • Attend a friends' bridal shower -- need gift. Check. Ended up doing a BBQ Basket with various BBQ and grilling supplies/spices and put it in a monogrammed tub. I tried making "Mr" & "Mrs" aprons and failed miserably.
  • Host a Crop for MS with SYC. Made $300 to donate to MS Society.
  • Have a pledge banner at the high school for National Kick Butt Day. This didn't get accomplished, due to timing.
  • Host Breakfast with the Easter Bunny with SYC. Went perfectly! :)
  • Pay & Record March Bills. Such a relief to pay the bills at the beginning of the month and not have to worry about it for another 30 days.
  • Get/Make a St. Patrick's Day shirt for Rhyse. MiMi came to the rescue on this one and picked one up for him.
  • Make a St. Patrick's Day bow for Lucy. My first bow making experience. I see a lot more in my future :)
  • St. Patrick's Day treats for school & daycare. St. Patrick's Day was on a Saturday, and I ended up with strep throat the week before. Therefore, no treats for either.
  • St. Pat's crafts for daycare. We were going to stamp green peppers to make four leaf clovers. The peppers were even purchased, but the craft didn't happen.
  • St. Pat's decorations and crafts for home. (see Pinterest board here) I made the wooden rainbow boards for the mantle, made a button rainbow and printed a Subway Art.
  • Make kids Easter baskets. They are bought, I just need to spray paint them and add their names.
  • Buy Easter outfits for the family. (Three Down, One to Go!)  I still need to find Josh a shirt and maybe some new shoes to go with mine!
  • Make shopping list for Easter basket fillers. Planning on purchasing each kid a new pair of Nikes, a personalized bag chair, a movie, beach towel, pool/sand toys & lots of candy.
  • Easter decorations and crafts for home. (see Pinterest board here) I haven't had much time to do any crafting lately!
  • Upload/Order February Pictures.
  • Update iPhone.
  • Clean out my email. (I try to do this once a month...and I dread it every month) I even took this one step further and unsubscribed from some emails I never read anymore.
  • Clean out my hard drive, per hubby's request.
  • Do any and everything in my "To Do" folder.
  • File bills, Rhyse's crafts and magazine clippings. (Another once a month job)
  • Look into summer camps/lessons for Rhyse. Thinking karate and horseback riding lessons.  All summer camps are printed, I just need to make some
  • Sign up for summer classes myself.
  • Take the kids to spend time at Grandma's.
  • Start a coupon club. (still deciding on this one. I really don't need another obligation on my list)
  • Write in kids' baby books. (monthly chore)
  • Go on a date with Josh. And only Josh.
  • Book our hotel for Chicago.
  • Make a "savings jar" for Rhyse to spend in Chicago. (Thinking this one) Turned out SUPER cute!
  • Post March events on Mom Squad page.
  • Plan Mom Squad March event. We had a play date at the park with a snack and lots of outdoor toys. A good time was had by all!
  • Put finishing touches on Lucy's room.
  • Put finishing touches on living room. We finished the pallett table, but still need to finish the trim.
  • Powder bathroom: paint, floor trim, new lighting and decorations. I have everything picked out, just need to do some online ordering.
  • Dining room: buffet table, dining table, new chairs, decorations. Decided to skip this room for now and move outside and get some work done on the landscaping.
  • Buy a blank calender for handprint art.  It's purchased, we just need to add our handprints to it :)
  • Make a bucket list.
  • Download free fonts to my computer.I can NOT figure this out?! I've followed tutorials and can get it in my fonts folder, but it doesn't show up in my word program. Any sugestions?!
  • Implement a cash envelope system.  I made the envelopes, but I think it's going to take a lot of trail and error to get the budget just right. This will be a work in progress.
  • Add memories to a jar to read on New Years' Eve. I used a paint bucket I had on hand and it turned out super cute!
  • Create a weight loss plan. I'm going to do the Couch to 5K, as well as The Starter's Exercise Plan.
  • Print Spring Must Take Photo List.
  • Create a printable of why I love each of my children.
  • Learn to sew a pillowcase dress. I have the pattern cut and the sewing machine threaded. Just need to sit down for a few minutes and get this done!
  • Make "Day you were born" capsules for kids.
  • Start a growth chart for kids. The board is stained, I need to add the numbers.
  • Make a countdown.
  • Make house cleaning cards. I did this and LOVE it! So fun :)
  • Make Lucy's first birthday invitations. CHECK! They are in the envelopes and the envelopes are addressed! :)
  • Start on one year milestone book.  It's started.
  • Re-Do an antique high chair. It looks fabulous in bright yellow!!
  • Order birthday cakes. They are going to be amazing!
  • Finalize all  birthday party decorations, ideas, etc.
  • Take Lucy's 9month photo.
Hope you had a fabulous March! Here's to a fantastic April!


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