Friday, April 27, 2012

Finish It Friday!

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I've wrote a post. I've done numerous projects thinking I was going to post them, but I've spent my evenings and nap times Spring Cleaning/DeCluttering, instead of blogging. I will do a mega-post soon of all my freshly organized closets & the little projects I have been doing the past month. As for now -- I'm so happy it's the weekend. It looks a little dreary out today, but that's not stopping me from having big plans this weekend. Here's what's on the agenda:

Play List:

- Make a must buy summer wardrobe list for each member of the family.
- Do something fun with the kids: Bowling, Monkey Joe's, Chuck E Cheese???
- Try a teeth whitening recipe.

 To Finish:


- Renew license plates for the Jeep.
- Work on the exterior of the house: Hang a light on the garage, schedule grass seeding & lay landscaping bricks.
- Finishing touches on the porch: Fix air leak, put up new rubber & add vinyl to the front door.
- Make DIY dryer sheets.
- Make Lucy's cake t-shirt and birthday hat. 
-Order 13 sports bottles and reusable shopping bags online.
- Empty the "To Do Basket" so it's a clean slate for May.
- Work on the kids' baby books.
- Make a garage sale to do list.
- Check A/C vents -- I feel like we will be turning it on soon!
- Schedule kids' summer camps and lessons.
- Finish my new Bill Binder.
- Rhyse's Kindergarten paperwork. I need to call the dentist and find his physical.
- Sew curtains & pillows for my Mother In Law's room.
- Download free fonts.
- Make a printable of why I love each kid.
- Fix the pillowcase dress I'm making for Lucy.
- Make "Day you were born" capsuals for the kids.
- Make a countdown.
- Order picture from the day Lucy was born.
- Gather all my school information.
- Reschedule Bed & Breakfast.
- Clean hard drive on my laptop.

It seems like a lot to do in one weekend -- and it is -- but I always like to clear my to do list for the next month. Since this is the last weekend of April, I will be a busy bee to start May with a clean slate :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

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