Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinterest To Do List

The other night, the kids and hubby were in bed and I sat down on the couch with my iPad and a glass of wine. (Me sitting on the couch rarely happens...but there was a good movie on Netflix I'd been wanting to watch!) Of course, I logged into Pinterest to see if I could find some new "pins" -- but instead decided to make a running list of crafts and projects I wanted to do. It started off being a short list of projects to do in the next month or so, so I could put together a shopping list to have on my next errand day. It then turned into a "101 projects" list and in the past few days, I've added severall(14, to be exact) so now it is a "115 Pinterest To Do's" List. I plan on carrying it in my car so I can always have it on hand when I am out shopping. 

Here's the huge list:

1.       Get index card box for family journal.
2.       Buy awesome reusable bags.
3.       Make a “To Read” List.
4.       Make a penny keychain.  CHECK!
5.       Fix broken makeup with alcohol.
6.       Find a glamorous hair do/color.
7.       Make teeth whitening concoction.
8.       Make a list of must buy clothes.
9.       Scout out my next purse/wallet.
10.   Learn new ways to tie a scarf.
11.   Buy a pair of rain boots.
12.   Make a list of nail ideas. (Start new board?) CHECK! I started a new board for easy access when I'm at the salon.
13.   Try a new makeup technique.
14.   Make a framed burlap monogram.
15.   Twine lanterns. (Kitchen?)
16.   Paint beads.
17.   Make hand print art.
18.   Make family silhouettes.
19.   Finish and make a bucket list to frame.
20.   Frame a wedding picture with first dance lyrics.
21.   Make a button-bowl. (Lucy’s Room)
22.   Buy foam tubing (6ft/.97)
23.   Make family special dates art.
      24.   Make a family birthday list.
       25.   DIY Wreaths.
26.   “Days Until” Countdown.
27.   Make DIY Dryer sheets.
28.   Twine wrap a vase.
29.   Make a memories vacation jar.
30.   Order STL Post Dispatch from Important Dates.
31.   Create filmstrip photos.
32.   “Look What I Did” Boards for kids
33.   Decoupage photos onto a large “R” Monogram (Fireplace)
34.   Family Rules chalkboard. (Garage)
35.   Room diagrams on key ring.
36.   Make a chandelier out of mardi-gras beads and planter.
37.   Buy a Porcelain 150 pen.
38.   Look into/start Project Life.
39.   Download free fonts.
40.   Learn Photoshop.
41.   Learn to crochet/knit.
42.   Make cards into binders.
43.   Make glass block picture.
44.   Make sewing/folding template.
45.   Start on TShirt Quilts.
46.   Make Pom-Pom pens
47.   DIY Mod Podge
48.   Make a collection of homemade cards.
49.   Learn to use freezer paper for fabric.
50.   Etch glass (Pyrex)
51.   Spray paint pine cones.
52.   Host a drive in movie party
53.   Host a back to school party.
54.   Host a “Mom’s Day” for back to school
55.   Make the perfect party planning worksheet.
56.   Make a date night list.
57.   Watch Clueless. (Love that movie. Someone pinned in the other day and I've been craving watching it since!)
58.   Make my “Goals” list.
59.   Start a sand memory keeper.
60.   Make a list of vacation destinations.
61.   Implement a cash envelope system.
62.   Weight Loss Plan.
63.   Add memories to a jar to read on New Year’s Eve.
64.   Make scrabble tile wine charms.
65.   Print all must take photo lists.
66.   Take a pick of Josh kissing my cheek every anniversary.
67.   Make bookmarks with paperclips and ribbon.
68.   Make yearly mug-shot book.
69.   Learn how to tie a tie.
70.   Make an adventure book.
71.   Buy cups with straws to have on hand for gifts.
72.   Make chalkboard gift tags.
73.   Compile a list of DIY Gifts by Recipient
74.   Make a Super-Hero Fort kit.
75.   Monogram a cooler.
76.   Make a snow-man building kit.
77.   Take stock in paper craft for wrapping.
78.   Make a “Why We Love Each Other” photo.
79.   Printable of why I love each kid.
80.   Learn/Teach Baby sign language.
81.   Paint bobby pins with nail polish.
82.   Learn to make headbands/bows.
83.   Learn to make pillowcase dresses/bloomers.
84.   Find a tutu shortcut.
85.   Embellish onesies for Lucy (bikini)
86.   Re-purpose a TShirt into a dress.
87.   Make a dress from a onesie and fabric.
88.   Make a day you were born time capsule.
89.   Make room d├ęcor of birth statistics.
90.   Make a milestone book for one year.
91.   Make a marble maze.
92.   Make a PVC water hose gun.
93.   Get Rhyse a camo cinch sack.
94.   Print Kindergarten Lego Patterns and make into a book.
95.   100 Books to read in Kindergarten.
96.   Make Qtip and Popsicle Bow & Arrow.
97.   Make tool activity board.
98.   Monogram with cars for room.
99.   Order shark fin ice cube tray.
100.                        Puffy  paint socks.
101.                        Superhero capes.
102.                        Make a list of kids birthday party ideas.
103.                        Make birthday questionnaires and put in monthly tickler file.
105.                        Put together a birthday binder.
106.                        Participate in Christmas in July. (See Christmas Board).
107.                        Make “Card” book for all cards sent to house.
108.                        Make homemade dog treats.
109.                        DIY Pet ID Tags
110.                        Food storage for dog.
111.                        Deluxe dog house.
112.                        Order a photography shirt.
113.                        Make a photo list.
114.                        Make “favorites”/”Info” photos for kids.
115.                        Close-up of kids features for collage.

That's enough to keep anyone busy! :)

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