Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Monday Morning Check In

For whatever reason, my post didn't post at it's scheduled time on Monday. It's now Wednesday and I am doing my Monday Morning Check In. Oops.

Play List:

  • Poker Night with guy friends for the hubby.  And he won!!! There were only four guys, so it was only $80, but still :)
  • Dinner with my mom, grandma and my kids. Ordered 2lbs of crab legs. Rhyse & I devoured them!
  • Baby Sale with my sister. I bought Lucy 25 outfits for $75! What a steal.
  • Crop for MS Scrapbooking Weekend. Had a great turnout out of 14 people.
  • Sister's Gender Reveal Sonogram. She's having a girl!!!! I'm so excited!!!!
  • Sister's Gender Reveal Party. Party went great! Everything came together (some at the last minute) and looked good.
To Finish:
  • Attendances prizes for crop attendees. Ended up purchasing embellishment cases that were pretty dang cute.
  • Food for crop attendees. The SYC kids did the majority of this for me. I just cut up a veggie tray.
  • Finish decorations for gender reveal party. We made banners and mustaches/lips on a stick. (Pictures to come this week!)
  • Laundry. Washed, but not folded. Does that count?
Hope you had a productive weekend!! Mine was so busy, there was little time to be productive, but I definitely had an enjoyable one. 


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