Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March :)

Can you believe it's March already?? There is something about the new month that excites me. A new calender page without the scribbled appointments. Thirty-one days to make memories, complete projects and get things done. A new season to welcome with new traditions to start with the kids. I love it all! I always sit down and map out my goals at the beginning of each month. I may have went a little overboard for March, since my list of goals and appointments spilled over to two pages. (I blame this on the addition of a "Pinterest" column!) Here is my March 2012 goal list:

  • Set my goals for the month. (check, hence this list)
  • Check my monthly tickler folder. .
  • Create a Spring Cleaning checklist. (I'm not going to actually start cleaning until April).
  • File my taxes.
  • De clutter my spring decor.Do a March Photo Challenge.
  • March "Ways to Play" sheet with kids.
  • Buy gifts for Dad's birthday & Mom/Dad's Anniversary.
  • Make a card for Aunt Amy's birthday.
  • Get outfits for kids photo sessions - Rock N Roll theme.
  • Attend a friends' bridal shower -- need gift. .
  • Host a Crop for MS with SYC. 
  • Have a pledge banner at the high school for National Kick Butt Day.
  • Host Breakfast with the Easter Bunny with SYC.
  • Pay & Record March Bills.
  • Get/Make a St. Patrick's Day shirt for Rhyse.
  • Make a St. Patrick's Day bow for Lucy.
  • St. Patrick's Day treats for school & daycare.
  • St. Pat's crafts for daycare.
  • St. Pat's decorations and crafts for home. (see Pinterest board here)
  • Make kids Easter baskets.
  • Buy Easter outfits for the family. (One Down, Three to Go!)
  • Make shopping list for Easter basket fillers. .
  • Easter decorations and crafts for home. (see Pinterest board here)
  • Upload/Order February Pictures.
  • Update iPhone.
  • Clean out my email. (I try to do this once a month...and I dread it every month)
  • Clean out my hard drive, per hubby's request.
  • Do any and everything in my "To Do" folder.
  • File bills, Rhyse's crafts and magazine clippings. (Another once a month job)
  • Look into summer camps/lessons for Rhyse. Thinking karate and horseback riding lessons.
  • Sign up for summer classes myself.
  • Take the kids to spend time at Grandma's.
  • Start a coupon club. (still deciding on this one. I really don't need another obligation on my list)
  • Write in kids' baby books. (monthly chore)
  • Go on a date with Josh. And only Josh.
  • Book our hotel for Chicago.
  • Make a "savings jar" for Rhyse to spend in Chicago. (Thinking this one)
  • Post March events on Mom Squad page.
  • Plan Mom Squad March event.
  • Put finishing touches on Lucy's room.
  • Put finishing touches on living room.
  • Powder bathroom: paint, floor trim, new lighting and decorations.
  • Dining room: buffet table, dining table, new chairs, decorations.
  • Buy a blank calender for handprint art.
  • Make a bucket list.
  • Download free fonts to my computer.
  • Implement a cash envelope system.
  • Add memories to a jar to read on New Years' Eve.
  • Create a weight loss plan.
  • Print Spring Must Take Photo List.
  • Create a printable of why I love each of my children.
  • Learn to sew a pillowcase dress.
  • Make "Day you were born" capsules for kids.
  • Start a growth chart for kids.
  • Make a countdown.
  • Make house cleaning cards.
  • Make Lucy's first birthday invitations.
  • Start on one year milestone book.
  • Re-Do an antique high chair.
  • Order birthday cakes.
  • Finalize all  birthday party decorations, ideas, etc.
  • Take Lucy's 9month photo.
Also in the month, I have a dentist appointment for both Rhyse & I, two baby sales to attend, my sister's gender reveal sonogram and party, a PTO meeting, two Arbonne parties, a Tastefully Simple party to host, a Kids' Carnival to take the kids to and Lucy's 9month check up at the doctor. I like to stay busy! March is also two of mine and Josh's anniversaries - dating (6 years on the 13th) and engagement (4 years on the 23rd).

What's your month look like? Any big plans?


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