Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hall Way: Drab to Fab

Our hallway branches off from our foyer and living room and leads directly to our bedroom, while passing Lucy's bedroom and the Powder Bathroom along the way. Since it's the route to the powder bathroom, nearly everyone who comes over walks through the hallway--a very boring hallway.

 We had white walls and a simple plain-Jane photo display, along with some coffee stains from our five year old carrying a coffee cup to Dad. (What was Dad thinking?!)
 The first step from taking anything drab to fab is PAINT! Paint is such a cheap and effective way to freshen up a place. We went with Glidden Brown Bag again, so it would blend nicely with the foyer. I thought the hallway would be a quick half hour paint job, but I was wrong! It was tight quarters, so it was hard for me to do the trim work while the hubby did the walls...there just wasn't enough room. I started off ready to tape and got halfway done and ran out of painter's tape. After an afternoon trip to the hardware store, I finished taping that evening and ready to paint. That's when hubby decided we didn't have enough paint left over from the foyer and thought we should get another gallon before starting. On day two, we painted the first coat. We let it dry overnight and painted a second coat on day three. Day four, we peeled off all the tape and realized there was some serious touching up to do. Our taper (aka: me) apparently doesn't do her job well. :)

 Once the paint dried, we set out to re-do the photo display. The photos are all of our grandparent's wedding photos. I wanted to display them in a more eye-catching way, and I wanted to include our own wedding photo in the display. After some new frames, a shelf and this super cute wooden sign, our photo display looked SO much better! I made some vinyl that says "Our Love Legacy" with the Silhoutte and used transfer paper to put it on the wall.
I've seen several pins on Pinterest where they frame their thermostat. I thought this was a cute idea and picked up a scroll frame to do so. I'm not sure if I like it or not, but it's an easy change if I decide to go with something different...or nothing at all.
We also shampooed the carpet to get out the coffee stains and filled all the nail holes from putting up the trim. Only thing left to do is buy and install a new light in between these two can lights.
Adding a new light  is getting moved to the long-term list. We live about four hours from the nearest IKEA and won't be making another trip until this Spring. As we finish these areas in our house, I'm making an IKEA shopping list for items to buy to put up all the finishing touches.

So far it includes:
  • A new area rug for the livingroom.
  • A floor lamp for the livingroom.
  • An IKEA Lack side table. (to make the kids a lego table)
  • Lampshades of various colors to replace the fan in the kids play room.
  • A new light fixture for the hallway.

I'm sure it'll grow quite a bit come Spring!!


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