Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has Sprung!!

I am SO excited that Spring is here!!! I have the urge to clean, de-clutter and reorganize. I also have an urge to get fit and ready for swimsuit season! Since Lucy is only eight months old, I still have my fair share of baby weight to lose. Hubby and I are starting the "Couch to 5K" running plan this week and I'm ready to start running. My goal is to lose about twenty pounds by Lucy's first birthday {June 27}! Along with losing weight, here are a few other items on my Spring "bucket list."

  • Fly a kite with Rhyse.
  • Go on walks and to the park as much as possible.
  • Plant our grass ....again!
  • Lay landscaping bricks & begin the landscaping process.
  • Have my windows open until the heat gets too much to bare.
  • Find coordinating Easter outfits for the family.
  • Make personalized Easter buckets for the kids & fill.
  • Dye Easter eggs -- one of my favorites!
  • Color with sidewalk chalk.
  • Organize our outdoor toys for easy access. 
  • Start coaching Rhyse's t-ball team!! So excited to be his coach :)
  • Head to Chicago for a weekend wedding. 
  • Spend a week in Chicago with my mom & the kids.
  • Make a trip to IKEA!
What's on your Spring fun/to do list?? 


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day! Since Rhyse is a little older, we had some fun with it this year.  Here's how our day went:

The leprechaun left goodies in everyone's shoes. 
Here are the kiddos by their shoes.
 Rhyse, 5 years
 LucyAnn, 8 months
He {the leprechaun}also got a little mischievous and turned all our chairs upside down. He did think to throw on a green table cloth for some extra decoration, though.
 He moved and tipped over the ottomans and removed the pillows from the couch. He also used Rhyse's blanket as a new "rug."
 He turned our candlesticks upside down.
 He must have had to relieve himself while he was here, because our toilet water was green!!
 After we discovered our treats and explored all his little tricks, we sat down to Daddy's breakfast of green eggs & bacon.
 Next up was getting dressed and a little photo shoot. It's amazing how much of my heart these two hold.
Happy {late} St. Patrick's Day!!


Friday, March 16, 2012

FInish It Friday!

Here's to the weekend being so much better than my week. I have neglected my family this week, due to me being contagious with strep. I look forward to spending a lot of time with them!

Play List:
  • Host a BBQ with close friends.
  • A fun St. Patrick's Day!
  • Attend a 3rd Birthday Party.
  • Shopping with my MIL. 
  • A trip to the Zoo with the kiddos, my sister & her niece.
To Finish:
  • Finishing touches on pallet table.
  • Start on landscaping bricks outside.
  • Decide on a plan for powder bathroom.
  • Youth Council Meeting.
  • Make a Spring Cleaning checklist.
Not looking like too much production will happen, but I'm really looking forward to catching up on my neglected house and family! 

Have a Fabulous Weekend!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Under the Weather

From my lack of posting, you can see it's been one heck of a week. I've been dealing with strep throat since Tuesday-- everything from pain when swallowing to 103 degree fevers. NOT! FUN! Hoping I am on the uphill climb and can have a great weekend!! Since I didn't get around to posting my Monday Morning Check-In, here it is:

Play List:
  • Attending a friends Arbonne Party. CHECK! Ordered some new foundation and I'm excited about it!
  • Shopping with my mother in law for a room reno (pics to come!) Moved to this Saturday.
  • Rock N Roll Photo Session with my kids. These turned out super cute! I'll share soon :)
  • Host a Tastefully Simple food party. I had a great turnout & can't wait to see what I earned in free product! :)
  • A few St. Patrick's Day crafts. Finished my rainbow boards, a button rainbow and collected some glass bottles to paint.

To Finish:
  • Clean up at Lodge with SYC kids. I had a migraine and didn't make it. :(
  • Finish kids Rock N Roll outfits. Aunt Hollie came to the rescue with this. The photographer had a huge supply of rock n roll outfits, so I stressed for no reason!
  • Kids baby books (this HAS to get done - I'm so tired of looking at them!) Still working...
  • Pallet coffee table (looking good!!) This would be done. Except Ace ran out of Ebony stain. I just need one more coat and then to assemble it. It's looking pretty amazing!!
  • Finish painting mailbox (inspiration from Disney's movie "UP") CHECK! Turned out super cute!
II have lots of posts I'm planning on doing this week. Everything from St. Patrick's day crafts for me and kids, to the kids rock n roll photos, to the pallet coffee table to the newly painted mailbox. I'll be back with all the great posts!!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Finish It Friday

I had big intentions to have a relaxing weekend, but sometime in the past few days, my calendar filled up and it looks like it'll be another busy weekend! Here's what's on the agenda:

Play List:
  • Attending a friends Arbonne Party
  • Shopping with my mother in law for a room reno (pics to come!)
  • Rock N Roll Photo Session with my kids
  • Host a Tastefully Simple food party
  • A fee St. Patrick's Day crafts

To Finish:
  • Clean up at Lodge with SYC kids
  • Finish kids Rock N Roll outfits
  • Kids baby books (this HAS to get done - I'm so tired of looking at them!)
  • Pallett coffee table (looking good!!)
  • Finish painting mailbox (inspiration from Disney's movie "UP")

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hall Way: Drab to Fab

Our hallway branches off from our foyer and living room and leads directly to our bedroom, while passing Lucy's bedroom and the Powder Bathroom along the way. Since it's the route to the powder bathroom, nearly everyone who comes over walks through the hallway--a very boring hallway.

 We had white walls and a simple plain-Jane photo display, along with some coffee stains from our five year old carrying a coffee cup to Dad. (What was Dad thinking?!)
 The first step from taking anything drab to fab is PAINT! Paint is such a cheap and effective way to freshen up a place. We went with Glidden Brown Bag again, so it would blend nicely with the foyer. I thought the hallway would be a quick half hour paint job, but I was wrong! It was tight quarters, so it was hard for me to do the trim work while the hubby did the walls...there just wasn't enough room. I started off ready to tape and got halfway done and ran out of painter's tape. After an afternoon trip to the hardware store, I finished taping that evening and ready to paint. That's when hubby decided we didn't have enough paint left over from the foyer and thought we should get another gallon before starting. On day two, we painted the first coat. We let it dry overnight and painted a second coat on day three. Day four, we peeled off all the tape and realized there was some serious touching up to do. Our taper (aka: me) apparently doesn't do her job well. :)

 Once the paint dried, we set out to re-do the photo display. The photos are all of our grandparent's wedding photos. I wanted to display them in a more eye-catching way, and I wanted to include our own wedding photo in the display. After some new frames, a shelf and this super cute wooden sign, our photo display looked SO much better! I made some vinyl that says "Our Love Legacy" with the Silhoutte and used transfer paper to put it on the wall.
I've seen several pins on Pinterest where they frame their thermostat. I thought this was a cute idea and picked up a scroll frame to do so. I'm not sure if I like it or not, but it's an easy change if I decide to go with something different...or nothing at all.
We also shampooed the carpet to get out the coffee stains and filled all the nail holes from putting up the trim. Only thing left to do is buy and install a new light in between these two can lights.
Adding a new light  is getting moved to the long-term list. We live about four hours from the nearest IKEA and won't be making another trip until this Spring. As we finish these areas in our house, I'm making an IKEA shopping list for items to buy to put up all the finishing touches.

So far it includes:
  • A new area rug for the livingroom.
  • A floor lamp for the livingroom.
  • An IKEA Lack side table. (to make the kids a lego table)
  • Lampshades of various colors to replace the fan in the kids play room.
  • A new light fixture for the hallway.

I'm sure it'll grow quite a bit come Spring!!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinterest To Do List

The other night, the kids and hubby were in bed and I sat down on the couch with my iPad and a glass of wine. (Me sitting on the couch rarely happens...but there was a good movie on Netflix I'd been wanting to watch!) Of course, I logged into Pinterest to see if I could find some new "pins" -- but instead decided to make a running list of crafts and projects I wanted to do. It started off being a short list of projects to do in the next month or so, so I could put together a shopping list to have on my next errand day. It then turned into a "101 projects" list and in the past few days, I've added severall(14, to be exact) so now it is a "115 Pinterest To Do's" List. I plan on carrying it in my car so I can always have it on hand when I am out shopping. 

Here's the huge list:

1.       Get index card box for family journal.
2.       Buy awesome reusable bags.
3.       Make a “To Read” List.
4.       Make a penny keychain.  CHECK!
5.       Fix broken makeup with alcohol.
6.       Find a glamorous hair do/color.
7.       Make teeth whitening concoction.
8.       Make a list of must buy clothes.
9.       Scout out my next purse/wallet.
10.   Learn new ways to tie a scarf.
11.   Buy a pair of rain boots.
12.   Make a list of nail ideas. (Start new board?) CHECK! I started a new board for easy access when I'm at the salon.
13.   Try a new makeup technique.
14.   Make a framed burlap monogram.
15.   Twine lanterns. (Kitchen?)
16.   Paint beads.
17.   Make hand print art.
18.   Make family silhouettes.
19.   Finish and make a bucket list to frame.
20.   Frame a wedding picture with first dance lyrics.
21.   Make a button-bowl. (Lucy’s Room)
22.   Buy foam tubing (6ft/.97)
23.   Make family special dates art.
      24.   Make a family birthday list.
       25.   DIY Wreaths.
26.   “Days Until” Countdown.
27.   Make DIY Dryer sheets.
28.   Twine wrap a vase.
29.   Make a memories vacation jar.
30.   Order STL Post Dispatch from Important Dates.
31.   Create filmstrip photos.
32.   “Look What I Did” Boards for kids
33.   Decoupage photos onto a large “R” Monogram (Fireplace)
34.   Family Rules chalkboard. (Garage)
35.   Room diagrams on key ring.
36.   Make a chandelier out of mardi-gras beads and planter.
37.   Buy a Porcelain 150 pen.
38.   Look into/start Project Life.
39.   Download free fonts.
40.   Learn Photoshop.
41.   Learn to crochet/knit.
42.   Make cards into binders.
43.   Make glass block picture.
44.   Make sewing/folding template.
45.   Start on TShirt Quilts.
46.   Make Pom-Pom pens
47.   DIY Mod Podge
48.   Make a collection of homemade cards.
49.   Learn to use freezer paper for fabric.
50.   Etch glass (Pyrex)
51.   Spray paint pine cones.
52.   Host a drive in movie party
53.   Host a back to school party.
54.   Host a “Mom’s Day” for back to school
55.   Make the perfect party planning worksheet.
56.   Make a date night list.
57.   Watch Clueless. (Love that movie. Someone pinned in the other day and I've been craving watching it since!)
58.   Make my “Goals” list.
59.   Start a sand memory keeper.
60.   Make a list of vacation destinations.
61.   Implement a cash envelope system.
62.   Weight Loss Plan.
63.   Add memories to a jar to read on New Year’s Eve.
64.   Make scrabble tile wine charms.
65.   Print all must take photo lists.
66.   Take a pick of Josh kissing my cheek every anniversary.
67.   Make bookmarks with paperclips and ribbon.
68.   Make yearly mug-shot book.
69.   Learn how to tie a tie.
70.   Make an adventure book.
71.   Buy cups with straws to have on hand for gifts.
72.   Make chalkboard gift tags.
73.   Compile a list of DIY Gifts by Recipient
74.   Make a Super-Hero Fort kit.
75.   Monogram a cooler.
76.   Make a snow-man building kit.
77.   Take stock in paper craft for wrapping.
78.   Make a “Why We Love Each Other” photo.
79.   Printable of why I love each kid.
80.   Learn/Teach Baby sign language.
81.   Paint bobby pins with nail polish.
82.   Learn to make headbands/bows.
83.   Learn to make pillowcase dresses/bloomers.
84.   Find a tutu shortcut.
85.   Embellish onesies for Lucy (bikini)
86.   Re-purpose a TShirt into a dress.
87.   Make a dress from a onesie and fabric.
88.   Make a day you were born time capsule.
89.   Make room d├ęcor of birth statistics.
90.   Make a milestone book for one year.
91.   Make a marble maze.
92.   Make a PVC water hose gun.
93.   Get Rhyse a camo cinch sack.
94.   Print Kindergarten Lego Patterns and make into a book.
95.   100 Books to read in Kindergarten.
96.   Make Qtip and Popsicle Bow & Arrow.
97.   Make tool activity board.
98.   Monogram with cars for room.
99.   Order shark fin ice cube tray.
100.                        Puffy  paint socks.
101.                        Superhero capes.
102.                        Make a list of kids birthday party ideas.
103.                        Make birthday questionnaires and put in monthly tickler file.
105.                        Put together a birthday binder.
106.                        Participate in Christmas in July. (See Christmas Board).
107.                        Make “Card” book for all cards sent to house.
108.                        Make homemade dog treats.
109.                        DIY Pet ID Tags
110.                        Food storage for dog.
111.                        Deluxe dog house.
112.                        Order a photography shirt.
113.                        Make a photo list.
114.                        Make “favorites”/”Info” photos for kids.
115.                        Close-up of kids features for collage.

That's enough to keep anyone busy! :)

Monday Morning Check In

For whatever reason, my post didn't post at it's scheduled time on Monday. It's now Wednesday and I am doing my Monday Morning Check In. Oops.

Play List:

  • Poker Night with guy friends for the hubby.  And he won!!! There were only four guys, so it was only $80, but still :)
  • Dinner with my mom, grandma and my kids. Ordered 2lbs of crab legs. Rhyse & I devoured them!
  • Baby Sale with my sister. I bought Lucy 25 outfits for $75! What a steal.
  • Crop for MS Scrapbooking Weekend. Had a great turnout out of 14 people.
  • Sister's Gender Reveal Sonogram. She's having a girl!!!! I'm so excited!!!!
  • Sister's Gender Reveal Party. Party went great! Everything came together (some at the last minute) and looked good.
To Finish:
  • Attendances prizes for crop attendees. Ended up purchasing embellishment cases that were pretty dang cute.
  • Food for crop attendees. The SYC kids did the majority of this for me. I just cut up a veggie tray.
  • Finish decorations for gender reveal party. We made banners and mustaches/lips on a stick. (Pictures to come this week!)
  • Laundry. Washed, but not folded. Does that count?
Hope you had a productive weekend!! Mine was so busy, there was little time to be productive, but I definitely had an enjoyable one. 


Friday, March 2, 2012

FInish It Friday!

TGIF!! This week has seemed so crazy long to me. I'm embracing the weekend with open arms! My Grandma is in from Washington State and will be meeting Lucy for the very first time, so I plan on spending any additional time with her. We also have a lot of other things on the calender, so I'm keeping the list to a minimum.

Play List:
  • Poker Night with guy friends for the hubby.
  • Dinner with my mom, grandma and my kids.
  • Baby Sale with my sister.
  • Crop for MS Scrapbooking Weekend.
  • Sister's Gender Reveal Sonogram.
  • Sister's Gender Reveal Party.
To Finish:
  • Attendances prizes for crop attendees.
  • Food for crop attendees.
  • Finish decorations for gender reveal party.
  • Laundry.
That's all I'm holding myself to. I figure with all the running this weekend, all that really, absolutely, positively has to be done is laundry. Anything else will be a bonus :)

Have a good weekend!!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March :)

Can you believe it's March already?? There is something about the new month that excites me. A new calender page without the scribbled appointments. Thirty-one days to make memories, complete projects and get things done. A new season to welcome with new traditions to start with the kids. I love it all! I always sit down and map out my goals at the beginning of each month. I may have went a little overboard for March, since my list of goals and appointments spilled over to two pages. (I blame this on the addition of a "Pinterest" column!) Here is my March 2012 goal list:

  • Set my goals for the month. (check, hence this list)
  • Check my monthly tickler folder. .
  • Create a Spring Cleaning checklist. (I'm not going to actually start cleaning until April).
  • File my taxes.
  • De clutter my spring decor.Do a March Photo Challenge.
  • March "Ways to Play" sheet with kids.
  • Buy gifts for Dad's birthday & Mom/Dad's Anniversary.
  • Make a card for Aunt Amy's birthday.
  • Get outfits for kids photo sessions - Rock N Roll theme.
  • Attend a friends' bridal shower -- need gift. .
  • Host a Crop for MS with SYC. 
  • Have a pledge banner at the high school for National Kick Butt Day.
  • Host Breakfast with the Easter Bunny with SYC.
  • Pay & Record March Bills.
  • Get/Make a St. Patrick's Day shirt for Rhyse.
  • Make a St. Patrick's Day bow for Lucy.
  • St. Patrick's Day treats for school & daycare.
  • St. Pat's crafts for daycare.
  • St. Pat's decorations and crafts for home. (see Pinterest board here)
  • Make kids Easter baskets.
  • Buy Easter outfits for the family. (One Down, Three to Go!)
  • Make shopping list for Easter basket fillers. .
  • Easter decorations and crafts for home. (see Pinterest board here)
  • Upload/Order February Pictures.
  • Update iPhone.
  • Clean out my email. (I try to do this once a month...and I dread it every month)
  • Clean out my hard drive, per hubby's request.
  • Do any and everything in my "To Do" folder.
  • File bills, Rhyse's crafts and magazine clippings. (Another once a month job)
  • Look into summer camps/lessons for Rhyse. Thinking karate and horseback riding lessons.
  • Sign up for summer classes myself.
  • Take the kids to spend time at Grandma's.
  • Start a coupon club. (still deciding on this one. I really don't need another obligation on my list)
  • Write in kids' baby books. (monthly chore)
  • Go on a date with Josh. And only Josh.
  • Book our hotel for Chicago.
  • Make a "savings jar" for Rhyse to spend in Chicago. (Thinking this one)
  • Post March events on Mom Squad page.
  • Plan Mom Squad March event.
  • Put finishing touches on Lucy's room.
  • Put finishing touches on living room.
  • Powder bathroom: paint, floor trim, new lighting and decorations.
  • Dining room: buffet table, dining table, new chairs, decorations.
  • Buy a blank calender for handprint art.
  • Make a bucket list.
  • Download free fonts to my computer.
  • Implement a cash envelope system.
  • Add memories to a jar to read on New Years' Eve.
  • Create a weight loss plan.
  • Print Spring Must Take Photo List.
  • Create a printable of why I love each of my children.
  • Learn to sew a pillowcase dress.
  • Make "Day you were born" capsules for kids.
  • Start a growth chart for kids.
  • Make a countdown.
  • Make house cleaning cards.
  • Make Lucy's first birthday invitations.
  • Start on one year milestone book.
  • Re-Do an antique high chair.
  • Order birthday cakes.
  • Finalize all  birthday party decorations, ideas, etc.
  • Take Lucy's 9month photo.
Also in the month, I have a dentist appointment for both Rhyse & I, two baby sales to attend, my sister's gender reveal sonogram and party, a PTO meeting, two Arbonne parties, a Tastefully Simple party to host, a Kids' Carnival to take the kids to and Lucy's 9month check up at the doctor. I like to stay busy! March is also two of mine and Josh's anniversaries - dating (6 years on the 13th) and engagement (4 years on the 23rd).

What's your month look like? Any big plans?