Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning Check In

Happy Monday! My weekend didn't go quite as according to plan. My family of four each had the flu - first Lucy, then me, then Rhyse and finally Josh. Between catering to each of them and dealing with my own sickness, I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to. I did, however, spend an amazing Saturday with my sister doing lunch, shopping and my other's sisters' birthday party. Here's how my weekend checklist ended up:

Play List:

  • Finish 3 toothfairy pillows. Ha. I didn't even finish one. Nor did I start on one. Next Weekend!
  • Take Valentine's Pictures of the kids. I'm doing this tomorrow.
  • Make a Chicago folder for our mini-vacation in May. Check!!! Not only did I make the binder, I also made some cute personalized checklists for it. Post to come soon with free printables!
  • Experiment with making a pillowcase dress. Next weekend.
  • Do something fun with the kids. Maybe indoor swimming, a movie, bowling...something! Check!!! But not quite what I had in mind. Ended up doing lunch at McDonald's and skating at my sister's birthday party. Josh was at home sick, so it wasn't exactly the "Family Fun Day" I was hoping for.
  • Host an "It Works! Body Fat Wrap" Party with my mom. Fail. I was sick this night. My mom ended up switching the party to her house at the last minute, even though she had helped clean mine to get ready for the party!
To Finish:
  • Work on completing my Bill Binder. (This includes making a budget, which I've been avoiding.) Still avoiding, haha!
  • File my coupons. Moving this to a day this week to teach a friend how to coupon.
  • Finish and deliver our taxes. Fail.
  • Upload our January 2012 pictures to get developed. Check!!! I'm waiting for an awesome coupon code to send in my December and January photos.
  • Schedule Lucy's first birthday pictures. Check!!! June 4th at 5pm.
  • Re-upholster Lucy's glider. (Or attempt to, anyway..) I obviously didn't even touch the sewing machine this weekend.
  • Make a pallet coffee table for living room. (Hubby's weekend chore) Hubby was sick so this didn't get done.
  • Start organizing storage and pool room. Not quite. I did get all the house picked up and laundry done though. That's surprising for a weekend!
  • Host an SYC event to interview teens on Internet Safety for an upcoming video with the local telephone company. Check!!! It went really well and I'm excited to see the final video! :)
Hope you all have a FANTASTIC week! I have a few blog posts for this week, including My Livingroom "Before," Valentine's Day Crafts, Hall Reveal & Lucy's Room Reveal. Stay tuned! :)

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