Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Morning Check-In

Happy Monday!! We had a great weekend, but it went by way too fast! A good friend of ours offered to keep our kids and give Josh & I some one on one time. We had a great day out shopping, got some dinner & were in bed by 11pm. It was nice to just go to bed and not worry about bottles, baths, etc.. Here's what we accomplished:

Play List:

  • Dinner with friends. Went out to eat at a Seafood Buffet and ate WAY too much food.
  • Shopping with the hubby. (Maybe get a tattoo?) Did both!! Lots of shopping and was able to cross something off my Bucket List: Get a small tattoo that means something. I ended up getting a Chinese Symbol for "Mother" that just so happens to look like an "L" and "R." Double meaning :)
  • Valentine's Crafts. Not so much. I still have some cupcakes I want to make with Rhyse and need to finish their Valentine buckets. Looks like we will be doing this tonight since Valentine's Day is tomorrow!
To Finish:

  • Rhyse's Valentine's for school. Check! Hubby even helped with this one.
  • Paint hall. Check! Painted Glidden Brown Bag - my go to color of paint.
  • Put all finishing touches on toyroom, foyer, hall & livingroom. (see list) Finished the foyer and added some to the other three. Planning on finishing the toy room tonight!
  • "My Next Project" list for next room. Check! Lucy's room is what we are working on next. The list is small, so it should be a quick area.
  • Make a toothfairy pillow for a friend. This will have to wait until next weekend.
  • Register Rhyse for TBall. Going to do this this week. Just need to hand his form in.
  • Plan next week's agenda and meals. (Which may lead to grocery shopping) I didn't have time to sit down on Sunday and plan my week. However, since my mom is having her Body Wrap party at my house Friday, my week is going to consist of a lot of cleaning and finishing the previous rooms. Doesn't look like I had much planning to do anyway!
How did you weekend pan out?? Productive or relaxing?? Have a good week!!

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