Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LivingRoom: Before.

Next on our room re-do list is the living room. There really isn't too much that needs done, just some cosmetic flaws. Here are the before pictures, along with the room to-do list.

Rule 1: Never buy a light colored couch with two kids. Ugh. And these pillows are so drab. I'm needing a serious pillow upgrade.

Jumperoo in corner needs to go. She rarely uses it and it's an orange eye-sore in a red and black living room. Did you notice the brown window trim? That needs to be changed to white to match the floor trim. We also have a few plaster holes to fix from hanging the curtain rods wrong.
 The sofa table looks extremely cluttered and needs some work. I'm still in love with our photo display above the couch, but need to update the pictures. There's no Lucy in them!
I originally wanted ottomans as our "coffee table." They are nice to store blankets, but honestly, the blankets get stinky when being closed up like that. I need new storage for blankets and I'm looking for a more trendy coffee table and I have something up my sleeve to DIY one!
TV area also needs some help. There's no floor trim on the wall. Those lampshades drive me crazy that they don't stay on there. DVD's need some serious organization and PS2 needs moved somewhere less noticeable. Something also needs done with those sconces behind the TV. They looked good when the TV wasn't there, but seem a little off centered now.

We also need to fill a HUGE plaster crack in the seem of our peaked ceiling. All in all, a pretty simple list -- just some organizing, DIY'ing and decorating. No major, time-consuming projects. For now, anyway. :)

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