Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent: What are you giving up??

Happy Ash Wednesday! I've already completely biffed it today and accidentally ate hot wings for lunch. Oops. I'll do better throughout the next 40 days :) We will be attending church this evening at 6pm for Ash Wednesday services, but before then, I am needing to decide what to give up.... soda? chocolate? fast food? Facebook? I ended up deciding on giving up spending money. I've seen some bloggers who have done "30-day Retail Challenge" in which they don't spend any money on anything other than necessities for 30 days. No online shopping, no trips to the mall or WalMart, no pedicures...yikes!! I've always thought it would be neat to attempt one of these challenges. Also, Josh and I are trying hardcore to get our debt down to zero. Zilch. No credit card bills. No medical bills. No truck payment. Absolutely nothing.

So, for the next forty days, I am not allowed to spend any money unless it falls under four categories:
1. Bills
2. Groceries
3. Gas
4. Easter (outfits for the family & the kids baskets)

I am adding one tiny disclaimer that allows me $100 on craft materials. What's a girl to do without crafting?!?!

The next forty days will be very resourceful and productive. I see myself getting done a lot of organizing, paperwork, lingering projects and simple crafts. Since I can buy groceries, there will be a lot of experimenting with new recipes. I'm excited (and equally nervous) for this challenge. I'm hoping it will be easier than it sounds and become a lifestyle change! Josh and I have a deal that as soon as all our debt is paid off -- we book a trip to Disney!! :)

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