Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! I hope your day was as absolutely perfect as mine! I stayed up (too late) last night making the kids their Valentine "Love Buckets." I started out with two $2.99 buckets from Ace Hardware and used the Silhouette and black vinyl to cover their logo and make a name tag for the kids.
I then cut out a bunch of pink and white hearts to adhere to the sides of the bucket. White hearts for Rhyse and the pink hearts for Lucy. Here are their buckets filled and waiting for them!
Rhyse's bucket consisted of two pair of Old Navy boxers, A Valentine Shirt, bubble gum, Pack of 3 pull back four wheelers, Band-Aids, Toothbrush, Body Soap, Grand Theft Auto Video Game & some misc. candy.

Lucy's bucket consisted of a jean skirt from Old Navy, heart tights, a Valentine shirt & a new plastic bib for feedings.

I woke up to a dozen pink roses waiting for me in the kitchen. He had me by surprise because I went to bed after him and woke up before him. Not sure when he did this?!

Here's some pictures of my Valentine's in their matching shirts.

The Post Prom Committee was doing a large cookie fundraiser and we ordered this huge cookie for Rhyse for only $8. It was suppossed to get delivered to his classroom, but there was some mass confusion about what school he attended and the lady ended up delivering it to  my mom's house. No biggie -- he still got the cookie that says "We Love You" from Daddy, Mommy & Lucy.
After school and work, we went with my parents to visit with my Grandma. My dad had bought her flowers for Valentine's Day (How sweet is that?? I hope Rhyse brings me flowers when he is in his forty's!!) Rhyse even wrote his own name on the card. :)

We snapped a few pictures of everyone together before heading home. Rhyse ended up staying at my parents and Lucy took a bottle and went straight to bed...which is exactly where I'm headed! Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day 2012!


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