Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Foyer Reveal

Here's what we started with after building. A plain blank foyer lacking personality. (The Christmas decorations are hung for our very first Christmas in this house.)

 I wanted some fresh and something striking!
First thing is first in a home with a 6-month old. We NEEDED a baby gate. Josh surprised me with a custom built baby gate when I was out of town one weekend. He bought extra iron rails from Home Depot, a few pieces of wood, as well as a gate latch. He used the leftover pieces of our banister for the top. Here's his finished product. (I was out of town, otherwise there would be a lot more photos of this job!)

You can see where he added the new pieces of wood. It needed some staining to finish it off!

Unfortunately, when I went to pull out the stair banister stain we used, it had turned gross and completely un-usable. I made a quick trip to the home improvement store and bought this small container of stain which ended up matching perfectly!

VIOLA!! A perfect matching gate to keep Lucy from making a tumble down the steps.

Next step:
I was finally able to talk to hubby into painting the hallway Glidden's "Brown Bag". We had some left over from our kitchen and bedroom, so it was just a matter of pulling out all the materials. After we painted, we hung the new wall display with items that I had purchased over the past month. The frames are from WalMart and the mirror is from Hobby Lobby.

Since we didn't have a bench yet, I just placed the old bench back until we had time to find another. It was storing our hats and mittens, and since this was a Winter project, I needed them accessible.

The Rucker sign on top was custom made by me. You can see more about that in this post.

Josh finally made me a bench (which took about ten minutes), and Rhyse even helped sand it.


I then put on four coats of Ebony stain (which I am in LOVE with!) and a coat of polyurethane before moving it to the foyer. With the addition of a $10 plant from WalMart, a lantern and coat rack from IKEA (love that store...can't wait to go back).

The Burlap pillows were also custom made by me. You can find that tutorial here.

The last thing this foyer needed was an eye-catching rug. I found the perfect rug at Garden Ridge to really top off the foyer.

Ahhh, I LOVE IT!!!!

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