Friday, February 17, 2012

Finish It Friday

Friday, again?! We don't have too much on our agenda -- just a house party Friday night and an SYC event Sunday. The rest of the weekend is up to us. It doesn't happen often, but I love when it does! :) Here's my weekend checklist:

Play List:
  • Finish 3 toothfairy pillows.
  • Take Valentine's Pictures of the kids.
  • Make a Chicago folder for our mini-vacation in May.
  • Experiment with making a pillowcase dress.
  • Do something fun with the kids. Maybe indoor swimming, a movie, bowling...something!
  • Host an "It Works! Body Fat Wrap" Party with my mom.
To Finish:
  • Work on completing my Bill Binder. (This includes making a budget, which I've been avoiding.)
  • File my coupons.
  • Finish and deliver our taxes.
  • Upload our January 2012 pictures to get developed.
  • Schedule Lucy's first birthday pictures.
  • Re-upholster Lucy's glider. (Or attempt to, anyway..)
  • Make a pallet coffee table for livingroom. (Hubby's weekend chore)
  • Start organizing storage and pool room.
  • Host an SYC event to interview teens on Internet Safety for an upcoming video with the local telephone company.
Even though we don't have a lot of obligations this weekend, I feel as though my weekend will be pretty full! I'm looking forward to not having any one huge project to work on and instead checking all these little to-do's off my list.

What's your weekend checklist look like?!

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