Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Architecural Name Art

I'm sure you have seen the picture frames that spell out family names by taking photos of different things to represent letters. I have been wanting one of these since we got married (three and a half years ago -- my, how time flies!). I was scouring Pinterest (my newest addiction) and found a link to a Flicker album that actually contains photos of various letters. (See the pin here). I originally planned on using these photos, but once I downloaded them, I couldn't get them to re-size to fit in my 4x6 frame. So, Plan B -- take my own photos!!

I started off by taking obvious pictures -- simply pictures of letters already in my house. This included a "U" from Lucy's blocks in her room, a "R" from my monogrammed towels in the bathroom, an "R" off of the wall in Rhyse's room, an "R" from my door mat by the front door, the letters on our wooden name log, an "R" from Josh's license plate, etc.

At one point, I noticed the curtain swag in my dining room resembled a "U" shape, so I climbed up on the chair to snap a picture.

While up there, I also noticed the dining room chandelier had scroll work that could resemble a "C" if your titled your head (and camera) just right.


It was at that moment that creativity struck! I have an over sized fork and knife hanging on my dining room wall, and decided to take a photo of the prongs on the fork to resemble an "E," once rotated.

After some zooming in and turning the photographs to "sepia," here was what I took to get printed:

R: From monogram rug outside front door.
U: From curtain swag in dining room.
C: From chandelier in dining room.
K: Letter from our name on our mailbox.
E: Prongs of over-sized fork in our dining room.
R: From Josh's license plate.

I totally lucked out and purchased this frame with 6-opening frame at Michael's when they had a 40% off sale, making the frame only $22!

It originally had white matting, but I wanted a tan mat to match my foyer. That's where spray paint comes in. After two coats of tan spray paint, I put the mat back into the frame and inserted by six photos. Here's what we ended up with.

I couldn't be any happier with the final result!  It makes it so much more personal because I know where all the photos came from, and they all relate with my home. Everyone who sees it is shocked that I took and edited my own photos. In fact, a local business offered for me to sell the prints at their store and several people have asked me to make them one. If you are interested in your own architectural name art, I can custom make one for your for $5/letter - frame not included.

What have you been working on lately?

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