Friday, February 10, 2012

4 Areas: CHECK!!

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to keep me organized and to track our house progress. We started off the year by doing a room every two weeks. It's actually been working quite well, except we have completely shut the door on any one room, although we have made huge progress. Josh & I are spending this weekend doing finishing touches on the four areas of the house we have {almost} completed: Toyroom, Foyer, Livingroom, Hallway. Some of these rooms just require a purchase, which some other still require a little work.

Here's our to do lists for each area:

1. Toyroom
  • Finish labeling toy bins.
  • Fill all trim holes with putty.
  • Screw whiteboard & bucket onto wall.
  • Make a stuffed animal cage.
  • Install closet trim.
  • Mirror, Mirror Vinyl for dress up area.
  • TV area.
  • Organize DVD's.
  • Make a lego table.
  • Make a clutter jail.
2. Foyer
  • Fix any plaster cracks.
  • Fix outlet.
  • Replace rug.
3. Hall
  • Paint Glidden "Brown Bag."
  • Photo display, including vinyl.
  • Put trim in hall closet.
  • Fill staple holes and plaster cracks.
  • Shampoo carpet stains. (Rhyse dripped coffee while carrying Josh's cup)
4. Livingroom
  • Change window trim to white.
  • Fill plaster cracks & holes.
  • Organize TV cords.
  • Organize DVD's. (Still looking for a good method -- suggestions?)
  • Shampoo couch. (Might result in calling Staingaurd for warranty).
  • Finish one peice of floor trim.
  • Add Lucy to photo display.
  • Make a pallet coffee table.
  • Make/Buy new throw pillows.
Whew! It seems like a lot for one weekend, but a lot of it are small things that won't take long, or simply purchasing things and setting them up. Here's to hoping it ALL gets done THIS weekend!

What's your home to do list look like?

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