Friday, January 27, 2012

Finish It Friday!

One of my favorite blogs, Simplify101, posts her "Finish It Friday!" list each Friday. I always feel so overwhelmed on Friday, when I realize I have two days off and SO much to do. It's so much easier to write down my weekend goals so I actually feel accomplished on Monday, instead of feeling like I still have so much to do. Here's my Finish It Friday! List for this weekend:

Play List:
  • Scrapbook. A group of us get together and scrapbook all weekend every six weeks. I'm hoping to sneak up there after I put the kids to bed Friday night and a little Saturday afternoon.
  • Valentine's Crafts. I have several crafts for home I'd like to finish, as well as getting Rhyse's Valentine's box and cards done for school.
  • Write in Kids' Baby Books. I always take time at the end of the month to write in the kids' baby books and records their milestones in the past month.
  • Play on Silhouette Cameo. I'm needing to create vinyl to hang about our Grandparents wedding photos in the hallway.
To Finish:
  • Finish prepping our tax paperwork. I just need to get a few more papers and amounts together before I can call this done! Planning on dropping off the tax worksheet by the end of the month.
  • Bathe dog & his belongings. Another end of the month task. Bathe the dog, wash his bedding and pet bowls, etc.
  • Control Journal. I spend every Sunday evening updating my Control Journal for the following week. This includes meal plans, our daily schedule and house projects.
  • SYC Meeting. I sponsor a Youth Group and we meet every other Sunday, and this is our week! 
  • Complete foyer projects. This is my time-sucker for the weekend. I'm needing to make a sign for the foyer photo display, stain a bench (after my husband makes it), stain the baby gate, paint the hallway, hang a photo display and vinyl, and transform our coat closet to a pantry for crock pots and other large items.
Whew!! I have a lot on my plate for the weekend, let's hope I can come back with a semi-successful Monday check-in! :)

Happy Friday!!

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