Tuesday, January 3, 2012

52 Weeks of Finishing: Toy Room

I am pretty obsessed with several blogs, and Organizing Junkie is one of them. Last year, she hosted a 52 Weeks of Organizing Challenge that I {sort of} followed. Followed as in, I checked in on what everyone else was doing and wished I was doing it, too. On the topic of finishing our house {New Year's Resolution #2}, I decided to create my own 52 Weeks of Organizing - but retitled it to "52 Weeks of Finishing." We will spend this entire year finishing our entire house {I'm exhausted already!}. The first two weeks, we are going to spend on the toy room on the lower level. Toy Room, why the Toy Room? It's downstairs, no one sees it, the kids rarely use it and it's not the room that needs the most attention. I decided to start on the toy room for several reasons: 1. All the new toys need a home!! 2. We NEED to give the kids a good place to play. I am SO tired of tripping over toys in the upstairs living room. 3. It doesn't need a ton of work, therefore it will be a cheap room to finish, which is perfect since our funds are exhausted since Christmas was merely a week ago. The Hubby and I got into the toy room today and did some weeding out. I figure it's best to start with a room by decluttering it first. To the trash went broken toys and to the donation pile went unloved toys. Here are some pictures of the room after the decluttering:

Here is an overview of the room as you are standing in the doorway.
Here is a view standing in the back corner, by the window. This is a great view of the "dress up station."
This is a view of the right wall, which includes where the TV will go, the art station and future location of a chalkboard or dry erase board.
Here is a view of the closet wall. Still a lot of work to go in organizing those toys!

Here is our running to do list of the toy room:
  • Put the kids names in white vinyl on their art chairs.
  • Make a hanging line for the kids to show off their artwork.
  • Install a chalkboard or whiteboard for them to draw on.
  • Make a "Playroom Rules" sign.
  • Make a "Do Not Feed Animals" Sign for stuffed animals.
  • Install a TV/DVD player and move the PS2 down.
  • Organize their DVD's, PS & DS games.
  • Buy a toybox to store the larger cars and tractors. (This will go in between the two cubed shelves).
  • Labels, Labels, Labels -- all the bins and baskets will get a black vinyl label.
  • Buy new gumballs for the gumball machine. 
  • Finish trimming out the window, hang a blind and yellow curtains.
  • Finish with all the floor trim, closet trim and chair-rail.
  • Fix the drawer on the train table. (Hubby installed it wrong and hasn't fixed it in the two years we've had it!)
We'll see what else I can add to the list before our two weeks are up! Our due date to have this room finished is January 15.

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